What the blog name means

The title for this blog comes from a line in a song by Sonata Arctica, which is one of my favorite bands, called Cloud Factory:

“Have them write my story down,

Like silence(-)breaking sound.”

This line has stuck with me because of how it can be interpreted in two, to my mind, equally powerful ways, depending on whether that dash is there or not.  The more intuitive way to read it is that a person’s story can be the sound that breaks the silence, forcing recognition of, and eventually a change to, a situation that people have refused to acknowledge. However, it can also mean that someone’s story can be compelling enough that it cuts through all the noise and the chaos, stunning one’s surroundings into silence that allows for attention and clarity.

As far as why I named my blog after this line, you could say that it’s a kind of aspiration.  Neither my writing nor my story are powerful enough to break either the silence or the sound yet, but it’s something to try for.

Meanwhile, it also happens to be a pretty good title for a blog written by someone with sensory processing disorder.